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David Trindade

Designing stuff on computers since 1998


This is the personal website of Sheffield-based designer David Trindade. This has been my presence online in one way or another since 2001. There's contact/-ish links if you like to connect and I will try to add some samples of work to keep practicing html.
For the past year and a bit, I've been working for gomo learning where we develop and maintain our e-learning tool that helps business big and small around the globe create and distribute e-learning content to their staff. That and I'm busy being a family man and dad of two awesome girls.

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I'm a graphic designer in the intersection between User Interface and User Experience design. WTF does that mean? You may ask, and that's fair.

I work mainly with designing and planning web projects, be it websites, web apps, web portals, etc.

The user experience side has always been a massive part of my work since the early days of accessibility compliance back in the early 2000's. These days it means something much bigger and I am very glad to be in the loop of this fast paced environment.

I have dabbed in and out print design throughout my career and have a love for this medium. I'm also a logo/branding afficionado, it was the subject of my very first website over 20 years ago, and it is still my favourite area of graphic design.

For the past year I've been working in UI and UX projects related to e-learning tools at gomo learning. We work with some well known global and national companies and empower them to create their own courses - we make the tools to let them do what they want.

So yes, very much a seasoned generalist that can plan and design stuff for screens and for print, as well as create a great unique logo.

UI/UX Designer

Part-time geek
Occasional Scuba diver
Shark lover
Ex-BJJ practicioner
Photography afficionado
Ex- front-end dev’r

Client List

Some of the clients I have worked with/for:

  • Shell
  • Centrica
  • BT + EE
  • Weetabix
  • TDK
  • PwC
  • AXA Insurance
  • CSAA (USA)
  • Green Flag
  • AIG (IE)
  • Fidelidade Seguros (Portugal)
  • GreenFlag
  • Liberty Mutual + Liberty Seguros (Brazil + USA)
  • Best Western Hotels